Ring No. 1:  Parent Commitment and Baby Dedication

We find several occasions in the Bible, where children were dedicated to the Lord. This practice still continues in the Church, but we want to remind parents that by dedicating their children to the Lord they are committing themselves to raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. In preparation for this Ring of Growth we teach parents the importance of them being the primary faith influencer of their child. This means that they are daily teaching them about God. You don't have to be a pastor or even a great teacher to do this, and we will help every step of the way.

The church gets involved during the Commitment Service and Baby Dedication Service. During this service we remind the church of the importance of practicing and teaching faith in Christ at home. Parents will pledge in front of the church their commitment to be the primary faith influencers in the life of their child and the church will pledge their commitment to help and support the parents through their teaching and their good moral example.

Ring No. 2:  Faith in Christ

In preparation for this Ring of Growth we teach parents and provide resources for them teach and lead their children to faith in Christ. After that faith commitment had been made, the Pastor will sit down to talk with the child and his/her family about baptism. During the Baptism service, the child will pledge their faith in Jesus Christ before the church and the church will pledge their commitment to help the parents encourage and disciple this new child of God.

We also encourage parents to celebrate this big day with either a spiritual birthday party or by going out to eat with family and friends. We want this day to stand out in the child's mind. It is also encouraged that the child get a necklace, ring, charm, Bible, or whatever the parent deems best as a symbol of remembrance of the day that they got saved. This will serve as an encouragement and a reminder of the commitment they've made to follow Christ.

Ring No. 3 Preparation for Adolescence