Lessons from Doodles

This may not have a serious title, but I have been thinking about this lately. Doodles (Snickers, Snicker-doodle) is my dog. I'm pretty sure that he, at the very least, enjoys being around me. I won't debate whether or not an animal can love, but if it can, my dog loves me. He enjoys being around me. Whenever I get ready to leave, he would like to come with me. That never changes. He hates being left alone. When I come home, he's happy to see me. He jumps up hoping that I will pick him up. When I am walking around the house, he will usually follow me. Every morning, I wake up to him licking me. He knows exactly when I'm half-awake trying to get those extra five minutes, and he refuses to let me have them. Overall, my dog enjoys being near me.


I really think that God gives us silly things like dogs to remind us of how much we should enjoy being near Him. Maybe I shouldn't say how much we "should" enjoy, but that God desires that we would naturally enjoy being near Him. "Should" makes me think it's a command. God doesn't want you to enjoy being near Him because you have to. He wants you to enjoy being near Him. Children are that way for a little while. Before they learn how to conceal emotion, they want to be near their parents.

Jesus said in Luke 18:16, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not:  for of such is the kingdom of God." Children are dependent upon their parents. They know they need them. They long and love to be near them. I don't essentially know what it's like to be on God's end of this except through the relationship I have with my dog. It's silly, but I know if I enjoy my dog being near me, I can't imagine how much joy it brings God when I am sitting with Him. My dog knows that I provide food for him. Children know that their parents provide for them. But we don't seem to remember that God ultimately provides for us. When we realize that God provides all things for us, we should want to be near Him, knowing that He will always give us what we need exactly when we need it.

So, how much time do you spend with God? Reading your Bible is part of that, but how much time do you just lean back and rest with Him? Does your heart long to be near Him? What are some ways that we can spend time with God? Comment and leave feedback below or on the Facebook page.