God or You?

It's easy to read the Bible and quickly ask, "What does this have to do with me?" of "How does this apply to my life?" After all, the Bible is just an instruction book on how to live life to the fullest, right? That's what we treat it like. We get to a situation in life and we quickly pick up the "Instruction Manual" and try to find the page with our problem on it. We get the problem fixed and set the "Instruction Manual" back on the reference shelf, only to pick it up again when another problem arises.

We have all been guilty of this at one point or another, but Haddon Robinson shares an interesting insight on the Bible. He writes, "The Bible is a book about God. It is not a religious book of advice about the 'answers' we need about a happy marriage, sex, work, or losing weight. Although the Scriptures reflect on many of those issues, they are above all about who God is and what God thinks and wills. I understand reality only if I have an appreciation for who He is and what He desires for His creation and from His creation."

Ultimately the question when we come to the Bible isn't, "What is there in here for ME," but, "What is there to learn about GOD in this passage?" The Bible is God's Word to us. It is the way He has chosen to reveal Himself to us. So when we read and study the Bible, we need to take time to see what God is revealing or saying about Himself.

When we make the Bible about God and not us, we make it easier to pick up and read more often. God is far more interesting than our problems and our needs. So if we make the Bible about Him, we will want to read it so we can learn more about Him. If we make it about us and our problems, we will be more inclined to wait as long as possible before picking it up. We may pick it up and take it with us to church. We may even read along with the Sunday School lesson and follow along with the preacher. But if we aren't looking for God to reveal truth about Himself, then we will miss the big picture of God's Word. If we come, like some do, looking to be entertained, motivated, comforted, vindicated, etc...without any willingness to listen to what GOD wants to say to us, we won't hear what He has to say.

The Bible is about God, not you. Can you think of a time, when you just read God's Word to see what He had to say? What was that like? Do you think it's better to go through God's Word looking for what you want to find, or to read waiting for God to show you what better things He has to offer? Comment below.